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The Creative Quarter

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The Creative Foundation is a new charitable organisation which is acquiring a large number of run-down properties in the Creative Creative Quarter FolkestoneQuarter of Folkestone (the oldest part of town, including the Old High Street and The Bayle), renovating them and letting them as work-spaces for artists and creative businesses (some with living accommodation). One hundred creative individuals are already in residence and more are taking up space as the renovation work is completed.

As a key element in the ongoing artistic renaissance of Folkestone, the Foundation is opening a brand new medium scale theatre, conference and music venue in the heart of the Creative Quarter. Designed by Alison Brooks Architects, the £4.5m new centre, named Quarterhouse, comprises a 250 seat flexible auditorium, restaurant and bars and a range of units for creative businesses.Creative Quarter Folkestone's Photos - Skabour Festival & Folkestone Arts, Crafts & Food Fair Quarterhouse was opened by the Arts Minister in March 2009. It offers a year-round programme of live music, comedy, film, talks, theatre and children's entertainment.

The creative quarter in a part of Flokestone, in the old part of the town, where there has been a major effort to attract people of an artistic nature and to encourage them to set up shop there.

There is currently a great range of studios and galleries open to the public, ranging from vibrant contemporary art at the Chimaera Gallery, bold acrylic canvases by Deborah Crofts, Jo Letchford Mosaics, and atmospheric landscapes by Oliver Harland. For a full listing of artists, along with interior designers and recordings studios, visit: http://creativefoundation.org.uk.

 A Street inf Folkestone's Creative Quarter

There are already many artists gathering and working in the Creative Quarter and are likely to help attract many more artists and visitors to the new revitalised old Folkestone which is still undergoing a major rejuvenation while keeping it old charm and historic feel.







A Street in Folkestone's Creative Quarter.